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 About us......

The Crew

We are a small, family run business located in the beautiful Camel Valley in North Cornwall.

Our Smallholding is made up of 6 acres of idyllic forest gardens, woodland and paddocks, perfect for our British Alpine goats and Zwartble sheep, and a small orchard with around 100 fruit trees.  

The soap is produced by me, Val and any willing volunteers from family and friends I can persuade to help!


It's Baaath Time was founded by Lisa Tanner in 2010 and has been making soaps and shampoos ever since, supplying an ever growing demand. 
As a mother of four girls Lisa first stumbled upon the benefits of goats milk when her eldest child developed eczema. It soon transpired that she was ‘cows milk intolerant’ and a switch to goats milk soon rectified her skin complaint. 

She decided to cut out the middle man and buy her own herd of goats – the goats produced far more milk than they could consume as a family so she explored other health uses for it, after much research, testing, legislation, meeting with regulations and deciding on wrapping,labels etc and It's Baaath Time was born . 

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